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Interviews are exacting and can be nerve-racking. Following this advice will help you give the best possible account of yourself.

Always prepare thoroughly. Read up about us – check the website for current news. And read the business and legal press to stay abreast of the latest issues and developments.

Remember to do your research. To read more about some of the recent deals we have worked on, please visit the News and Publications section on our main website. Read more about some of our client case studies in the working with clients section of our recruitment website. Please also follow us on Twitter to find out more about the work we're involved in.

A well-conducted interview should be an open exchange between you and the interviewers. You should do most of the talking. How much? About 80%.

Think carefully about what the role involves. Use your experience of placements, what you have read and the people you have spoken to, then match your skills to the role. Be prepared to give examples of how your skills and qualities will make you effective in the role.

Nerves can strike the very best candidates, but try to remain calm and look confident. Interviewers will be assessing how you may come across to clients. Good eye contact and a firm handshake at the start of the interview are important. Do you have the potential to inspire confidence in others? You would not instruct a lawyer who lacks this skill. Remember: However jittery you feel inside, project a calm and confident manner as best you can.

If you need time to think during the interview, ask for it. At Hogan Lovells we are more interested in the content of your answer than the speed with which you deliver it.

Be honest and be yourself. Don’t try to conform to what you think the interviewer may expect – you will probably be wrong. Instead, think about all the good things you want to get across about yourself.

Be prepared to ask questions. You will be given the opportunity. Make sure they are pertinent, cover things you really want to know and are not answered by information readily available to you. Asking questions that can be answered by reading this website will not increase your chances of joining the firm. For example, you may want more of an insight into the firm from a senior person’s perspective, so ask your interviewer what they like about Hogan Lovells and their job.

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