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Critical thinking test

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The Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal has long been used in educational and business settings to determine an individual’s ability to think critically, as a way of assessing their suitability for an organisation or a specific position within it.

The process of critical thinking involves the careful acquisition and interpretation of information, and the subsequent application of that information to reach a well-justified conclusion. In short, sound critical thinking skills will stand you in good stead for a career in the legal profession.

The following test has been devised to measure your critical thinking skills. Each question takes around 5 minutes. These are only sample questions – your answers will not be used to predict your future performance or influence any selection process you may undertake with Hogan Lovells.

You can find out how you performed by reading the feedback following your test. This feedback is aimed at helping you prepare for the formal assessments that you will have to complete if you apply for a training contract at Hogan Lovells.

Good luck.