Career path

International law evolves constantly. So do we. So will you. Our two-year training contract will push, stretch, test, support, guide and inspire you. In the process, you’ll amass world-class technical skills and build legal expertise in the areas you’re passionate about. But that’s just part of your learning process. After all, tomorrow’s economy won’t have much use for lawyers who are only good at law.

Conversion course for non-law students (Graduate Diploma in Law)

If you’re a non-law graduate, your training starts with the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL). This conversion course puts you on an equal footing with law graduates and acts as a firm foundation for your training contract.

How long is it?

The Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) is full time and will run for one year.

Where will you study?

You’ll be a student of BPP University which has locations in Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds, Liverpool, London and Manchester. Ideally you’d study in London so you can prepare for your working life in the City.

What about financial support?

We’ll pick up the bill for all your course fees and pay you a maintenance grant to help with living costs. If you study in London, the grant is £8,000. If you study outside London, it’s £7,000. We don't offer retrospective funding though, if you have started or completed the GDL before accepting an offer from us.

The Legal Practice Course (LPC)

All our trainee solicitors take the accelerated LPC at BPP University, either after their law degree or when they complete the Graduate Diploma in Law. Tailored to the needs of City firms, the course runs for six and a half months and smooths your transition from student to legal professional. It has two intakes: one in August and one in February.

All future trainee solicitors study in London so they can prepare for working life in the City.

Much of the teaching is completed in small group sessions. There’s loads of individual guidance throughout. As the course is in London, you’ll also benefit from the presentations and social events we run at our offices.

As with the GDL, we cover the course fees and pay a maintenance grant. For the LPC this is £7,000.


Your formal training at the firm starts with a two-week induction that equips you for your first seat. It includes preparation for one of the most critical parts of your role – legal research. You’ll learn how to analyse a case, then find, understand and apply the law that relates to it.

Another key part of the induction is our Business and Social Enterprise programme, HL BaSE. Through MBA-style training, HL BaSE builds your understanding of business – from market analysis and strategy to exit routes for investors. It does more than that though. It also highlights the effect of positive social impact – including customer experience and business integrity – on profits and growth. You’ll start embedding social entrepreneurship into the way you think about business and get a deeper insight into what drives our clients’ business decisions.


Four seats. Four different practice areas. A new area of law, new experiences and new colleagues every six months. That’s what your training contract offers.

Over two years, you’ll get your teeth into matters that are complex, high-profile and wide-ranging. We’ll train you how to deliver level-headed advice, and as your understanding of our clients deepens, so will your commercial instincts and sector expertise.

By the end of your seats, you’ll be able to operate at the same level as a newly qualified lawyer.

How do we encourage your progress? Emma Preece explains.

Helping you choose

When you join, we’ll ask you if there are any practice areas that you particularly want to work in. Then we’ll work with you to plan your seats according to your preferences, the business needs of the firm, the Solicitors Regulatory Authority requirements and the range of places available. Many graduates have no clear top choices when they join us. Which is fine. We’ll give you information to help you decide and point you in the direction of associates and partners who’ll be happy to explain why their practice is more fascinating than everyone else’s.

The breadth of our practice areas means you’ll never be short of high-quality options to explore. So we’ll also advise and guide you throughout your training contract. Midway through your first seat, we’ll ask where you would like to sit in seats two, three and four. Then we’ll create a seat plan that takes your preferences into account.

International secondments

Only a few international law firms are capable of handling the absorbing and complex legal work that crosses continents. We’re one of them. In your second year, you’ll have the chance to spend six months abroad. It’s not compulsory though, so if you’d prefer to stay based at our London office, you can. Currently we have trainees on secondment in Brussels, Dubai, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, New York, Paris, Singapore and Washington D.C.

Client secondments

Around half of our trainees go on client secondments during their training contract. These are a great way to sharpen your commercial edge and get an inside, close-up view of business from a different vantage point. You’d spend six months in the client’s in-house legal department. Yet you’d still be able to count on our full support and call on our resources if and when you need them. At the moment, our trainees are tackling a huge variety of work at clients who include BNP Paribas, Citigroup, Exxon Mobil, Ford Credit Europe, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Prudential, and Standard Chartered Bank.

On-going development

The quality of the organisations we advise. The complexity of the cases we take on. The calibre of the people you’ll work alongside. The breadth of exposure you’ll enjoy. The encouragement you’ll have to be yourself and pursue your passions. These are just some of the reasons why your development – not just professional, but personal too – is assured at Hogan Lovells.

The pace and direction of your progress will be down to you. We’ll help you build your expertise with a wealth of resources – including online training courses that boost your expertise in a host of key areas.

Dispute resolution

  • How the Court Offices Work and Practical Tips
  • Introduction to Pleading
  • Disclosure
  • Evidence and Experts
  • International Arbitration Case Study
  • Product Liability Case Study
  • Fraud and Asset Tracing.

Corporate and Finance

  • Structuring Finance Transactions in the Light of Due Diligence, Including Company Searches
  • Guarantee and Security Packages
  • Insolvency Proceedings and Restructurings
  • Due Diligence and Disclosure - Practical Issues
  • Establishing a Company
  • Operating a Company
  • Decision-making by Private Companies
  • An Introduction to Equity Capital Markets Work.

Real Estate

  • The Circle of Property Ownership
  • Sale and Purchase Case Study
  • Landlord and Tenant Act 1954
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax
  • Top Tips for Trainees.

Other courses

  • Advocacy and Communication
  • Business Education
  • Client Care and Professional Standards
  • Copyright
  • Drafting
  • Introduction to Telecom Law
  • EU Research Workshop
  • Finance and Business Skills
  • Improving Performance Workshop
  • Know-how, Legal and Business Research.

Life in London is what you make it. Hear about how Sengova Kailondo has advanced since he first joined us.

Life in London is what you make it. Hear about how Sengova Kailondo has advanced since he first joined us.

Qualification and beyond

It’s not over when you qualify. Far from it. Your professional development remains a priority throughout your career. At every stage you’ll be in the driving seat, steering your own growth and tapping into the training you need.

Our foundation programme for newly-qualified lawyers is the obvious place to start. This will deepen your understanding of the work of your practice area. There are foundation events too: intensive, practice-specific training courses that run for three to five days and bring delegates from around the world together.

There’s more to our lawyers than legal expertise. We understand businesses and industries too and we know how to forge deep connections with clients. So expect skills based workshops, regional conferences and global programmes that will hone your commercial skills and enhance your personal development. Here’s a selection of the programmes that will keep you moving forward, underpinned by your Lawyer Development Framework.

Legal Knowledge and Communication

  • Law Firm Finance
  • practice specific programmes.

Winning Teams with a Client Focus

  • Networking Skills
  • Personal Impact
  • The Art of Influencing and Negotiation
  • Leading and Working with Others.

Drive for Excellence

  • Career Planning
  • Mentoring.

Hear Ed Wallis, our Associate outline how Hogan Lovells helped him progress.

Hear Ed Wallis, our Associate outline how Hogan Lovells helped him progress.