Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

Our law firm is built on a culture of engagement: a global network where we all support each other, open-mindedly and whole-heartedly. Naturally, encouraging diversity and inclusion is a pivotal part of that.

Diversity and inclusion don't happen overnight. It's a process of change, and we all have a lot to learn. Across each of our global offices, we're developing new behaviours, engaging and training as many people as we can at every level.

A truly global team

We're an outward-looking firm, interested in supporting the wider community as well as our own. That's why we encourage our colleagues to take an active interest in global social issues, helping us reach out to all kinds of people in all kinds of circumstances.

Inspiring belief

We believe in supporting each and every colleague as an individual here. Naturally, that means we want everyone to feel comfortable enough to be an individual; to be their true self at work.

An energised community

Our firm is built on a network of support, sharing knowledge across sectors and borders. We know that we're stronger as a business when we collaborate; that we do our best work together, not alone.

A high-performing culture, for everyone involved

Within a high-performance culture, personal growth is everything – but it has to be for everyone. If we provide world-class training for every lawyer, whatever their background, then we create a worldwide team of highly skilled, deeply motivated colleagues. To put it another way, if every individual is encouraged to reach their peak, then we reach ours too. It's just that simple.

Awards and recognition

  • The Times Top 50 UK Employer for Women 2018
  • Disability Progress Awards 2018 - Most Progressive Inclusive Recruiting  
  • Diversity Legal Awards 2017 - Diversity and Inclusion Initiative of the Year
  • European Women in Business Law Awards 2017 - Best International Firm for Minority Women Lawyers
  • UK Top 30 Employers for Working Families 2017 - Finalist
  • Top 50 Social Mobility Employer Index 2017 - Ranked 26th 
  • Asia Women in Business Law Awards 2017 - Best International Firm (China)
  • MPF Awards for Management Excellence 2017 - Most Inclusive Firm

Rachel's Story - with Aspiring Solicitors

“I chose to train at Hogan Lovells because I was convinced that its commitment to diversity is genuine, not just a policy document, and that it forms a fundamental part of its ethos. Hogan Lovells understands and appreciates that if everyone in the firm looks the same, sounds the same and thinks the same, then it cannot possibly grow and opportunities could be missed.

I knew I had made the right decision when I joined the firm for a vacation scheme. At no point during the placement did I feel that the fact I am LGBT, have a strong North-East accent, am state school educated and a first generation graduate would ever be a barrier to being a successful lawyer at Hogan Lovells.”

Rachel Lindberg

Rachel is a proud lesbian, state school educated, first generation graduate and lawyer. Together with Aspiring Solicitors she has secured a training contract with Hogan Lovells which started in 2018.

PRIME Commitment

Hogan Lovells is a founding member of PRIME Commitment. PRIME is an alliance of law firms across the UK, committed to improving access to the legal profession through work experience. Put simply, because the legal sector should be open to talent from all economic backgrounds – and there’s still more work to do to put things right. 

“Coming from the north of England and a comprehensive school I recall being told by a careers advisor that I couldn’t be a lawyer, let alone an international lawyer as I had dared to suggest, and that I should think of something else to do. When I asked why, I was told ‘Your family don’t have connections, your school doesn’t have connections, the cost to train is high and you’re from the north’. At the time I took that as being the truth. But when I got to University to study engineering I socialised with lawyers and thought they weren’t that different to me. And those words ‘you can’t’ motivated me to prove otherwise. Luckily for me, at the time Lovells, now Hogan Lovells offered me financial support through law school – I’ve been grateful ever since. I’m so proud to say that here and also what a great initiative PRIME commitment is.”

David Taylor, Hogan Lovells Partner

To find our more about the work experience programmes offered through PRIME, please click here.

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