What makes a Hogan Lovells lawyer?

What makes a Hogan Lovells lawyer?

People you can't fit into a box

We're as diverse as the work we do. Which is the way we like it. People from all sorts of backgrounds, and with many different opinions and experiences, help us look at the issues from every angle. That ultimately leads to better results for clients.

Yet we all have a lot in common. We're smart, collaborative, determined and always approachable (so you should have no problem getting a partner to buy you a coffee when you want to chat things through).

This is where you can find out if you have what it takes to play your part in our high-profile cases, and hear from some of the outstanding people who make us stand out as a firm.

What we look for

  • Intellect

    A quick, enquiring mind is a given. We'll look for a strong academic record that features excellent results from GCSE (or equivalent) onwards. That includes a good 2:1 or above (or equivalent).

  • Commercial acumen

    Clients want to work with us because we understand their worlds as well as we understand the law. You'll have the potential to talk their language.

  • An international outlook

    Globalisation is a fact of life; and an interconnected world calls for outward-looking people. You'll be someone who adapts naturally to new surroundings, responds to cultural nuances and tackles the unpredictable with confidence.

  • Team spirit

    We may be one of the largest global legal practices. But we work in small, focused teams – often across borders and jurisdictions – acting seamlessly for clients. You must be happy pitching in, helping out and doing your share to promote our collective success.

  • Resilience

    Rigorous attention to detail won't faze you. Nor will the pressure of complexity, deadlines or putting in the extra hours to deliver the most professional job possible.

  • Mental agility

    The tried and tested way isn't always the best way. We like to challenge conventional thinking here – pooling our expertise to do things differently from others and from what we've done in the past. You'll be able to look beyond the obvious and think around corners.

Meet our people

So where's the evidence that we're as diverse, collaborative, supportive and forward-thinking as we claim? Right here. In the words of our people. From trainees to associates and partners, they reveal their personal experiences at Hogan Lovells – from their first impressions to their latest deal.

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Critical thinking test

Critical thinking tests assess how well you can absorb and analyse information. They measure your ability to evaluate assumptions, arguments, deductions, inferences and conclusions. They’re good predictors of success in roles where you need to see things clearly from many angles and separate facts from assumption.

To get a feel for the intellectual demands you’ll experience from day one, take our sample test now. We use the Watson-Glaser critical thinking test. Each question takes around five minutes. These are just sample questions though. We won’t use any of your answers in any part of our selection process.

Be sure to read the feedback that follows the test. It will help you with the formal assessments you’ll take if you apply for one of our training contracts.

How to Apply

Whatever your ambitions, whatever your skills, you'll find current opportunities to suit you here.

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