Christian Perkins


  • Degree: Law LLB, King's College London
  • Joined: Feb 2017
  • Practice Area: Intellectual Property Technology and Media
  • Office: London
  • Favourite Destination: Porthcurno, Cornwall

Christian Perkins's journey

I’m more confident when stepping outside of my comfort zone, I think, which is good because the training contract is a steep learning curve. You’ll get the most out of the experience by engaging in as much as possible; remembering that the opportunities are there if you choose to take them. And of course, there’s a strong support network, always giving you someone to talk to if you need to.

A large portion of the work at Hogan Lovells is multi-jurisdictional. Knowing that you can pick up the phone to a colleague or a member of a research team in another country is incredibly reassuring. On an international arbitration during my previous litigation seat, I contacted our Russian office for assistance in searching for a particular press release for use at trial. The whole process took thirty minutes and would have taken much longer without our colleagues’ input. Our collegiate attitude is so important in that sense.

We have deep relationships with our clients, and I hope to do a client secondment during my training contract. The firm sets up plenty of events so that we can meet and chat with previous trainees and lawyers who’ve benefited from the same experiences.  

Whilst the word ‘culture’ is often thrown around, I believe Hogan Lovells’ culture is what sets us apart from other firms. We put a heavy emphasis on inclusion and ensuring that employees can come to work and be themselves. Uniqueness, diversity and individuality are celebrated. Since joining the firm I’ve been particularly impressed with the PRIDE+ network, specifically aimed at encouraging LGBT allies in the work place. All this is vital in developing a safe and inclusive working culture that I’m proud to be a part of.