Graham Cutts

Senior Associate

  • Degree: Law LLB Hons, University of Durham
  • Joined: Sep 2007
  • Practice Area: Real Estate
  • Office: London
  • Favourite Film: Forrest Gump

Graham Cutts's journey

You develop at Hogan Lovells through practice. I've made mistakes, but I've learned from them.  I've also watched and listened a lot over the years and have been open to as many viewpoints and ways of doings things as possible.  The real key to this, though, is remembering that the most important part of what we do is making our clients happy.

Our clients are people with interests and lives not dissimilar to ours, so, firstly, they like talking about normal everyday things and you shouldn’t be afraid to do so.  You’re building rapport.  Rapport, in turn, builds trust.  The most effective way to work with and build relationships with clients is to be yourself and be interested in them as people (alongside your delivery of an excellent standard of legal work, of course!). 

I think that also reflects in how we treat each other as colleagues: openly, supportively and with respect.  Whilst people have job titles (as in any organisation) there is no sense of rank or hierarchy and everyone works and socialises together. People genuinely want to work with, and are interested in, one another.

That international collaboration also brings a sense of perspective and appreciation.  You may think you have all the answers, but it helps one's development, personally and professionally, to discover different ways of doing things.

Ultimately, any business is only as good as the people that work within it.  And looking at our firm, there’s no better example of collaboration. Within different industries, there's an impressive level of skills which crossover, in areas you wouldn't expect. I gained work experience at a number of firms in the early stages of my career and I can honestly say there’s no place quite like this. Hogan Lovells is truly unique. We're one team, worldwide.