Neil Tanna


  • Degree: Law, University of Exeter
  • Joined: Aug 2016
  • Practice Area: Finance
  • Office: London
  • Favourite Destination: California

Neil Tanna's journey

I’ve certainly become more confident in my abilities since joining Hogan Lovells. I’m becoming more comfortable working outside of my comfort zone and I’m increasingly trusting my ability to complete a large variety of tasks at pace. Coupling this with my knowledge that there is a strong network of people around me to turn to for support and advice has allowed me to complete tasks far quicker and to a much higher standard than when I started. 

My commercial and legal know-how have certainly improved since starting too. Much of that is thanks to my supervisors. Whilst incredibly busy themselves, they’ve continually challenged and encouraged me to push myself to the next level, with genuine interest in my development as a lawyer. They’re market leaders in their fields and they’ve been invaluable to me as a personal source of advice and guidance.

I think the best piece of advice is to always look at what the person above you is doing, as it’s the best way to make sure you’re continually growing and learning. As a trainee, I look up and evaluate what the newly qualified associates are doing and the standards they are expected to meet. This then allows me to self-assess to focus on those areas I need to develop in order to perform at that level. 

Understanding business, a client’s industry, and how the City works are crucial to a commercial lawyers’ role and success. In the last year I’ve worked for a variety of clients, including a national property management company, a multi-national transport company and a Ukrainian oligarch. Every client operates within different commercial and business contexts, which we must recognise and understand. I'm now fortunate to be working in-house on secondment with one of our banking clients which is adding to my experience of working for a variety of clients.