Sabrina Salhi


  • Degree: Law LLB, University of Durham
  • Joined: Sep 2016
  • Practice Area: Corporate
  • Office: London
  • Favourite TV Show: House of Cards

Sabrina Salhi's journey

The business world is constantly evolving. My time at the firm so far has really highlighted that commercial awareness is not a static concept. Things are always changing, and it’s been fascinating to work alongside leaders in various fast-moving practice areas, from Life Sciences to the automotive industry, to provide salient advice. The differing needs of our clients means that our approach has to be flexible; a skill I look forward to improving in the future. 

In my time at the firm so far, I’ve been fortunate enough to experience both transactional and advisory work. In my current seat in particular, my work consists of research into European law. Key to that is the ability to interpret legislation and apply it in the context of any given client’s situation. The variety that the work affords also makes the job more exciting: it's fair to say that no two clients and no two deals are ever the same. 

During my first seat in asset finance, I worked closely on a number of transactions with local counsel across the world, from Portugal to Bermuda. What was great about this experience was that I was often given the lead on this sub-set of the transaction, liaising with colleagues in our international offices as well as at other law firms, to arrange registration of security and ensure adherence with any relevant company law requirements. This aspect of my work has been hugely beneficial to the development of my communication skills and has increased my confidence greatly.