Siddharth Rajkhowa


  • Degree: History and Classics, University of Edinburgh
  • Joined: Feb 2014
  • Practice Area: Corporate
  • Office: London
  • Favourite Book: ‘Jingo!’, Terry Pratchett

Siddharth Rajkhowa's journey

Very few firms that have our level of regard have as broad a practice. Whether it’s regulatory, litigation, finance or corporate work, we’re respected as a leading outfit by clients, commentators and competitors alike.

For prospective and current trainees this makes Hogan Lovells an excellent firm to train with, since the variety of departments on offer is hard to beat. Additionally, departments tend to take on a broad range of work, and as such trainees are less likely to be pigeonholed into doing the same type of work or type of deal for their entire six month seat.

I’ve found there’s no typical day as a lawyer. Working in a transaction team means that you are subject to peaks and troughs, so there can be days when you work back-to-back until the early hours of the morning, but there can also be weeks where you consistently leave before 6pm.

In this atmosphere, the culture of where you work is fundamental. Hogan Lovells is rightly known as being one of the City law firms with the most open and welcoming cultures. Everyone at the firm is very approachable and senior lawyers are always more than happy to give you their advice.

There are many different types of personalities that work here, but one thing common to them all is approachability. In my trainee intake there was a 50-50 split between law and non-law students, which is representative of the firm. 

I've worked alongside colleagues in Beijing, Milan, New York, Paris and Shanghai and completed a six month secondment to the Hong Kong office during my training contract. Working across borders teaches you to appreciate cultural differences and the way people based in different regions approach the same issue differently. As a transactional lawyer, I find the most interesting deals are the deals with a cross-border element, since these are without a doubt the most intellectually stimulating and complex.