Stefan Martin


  • Degree: Law LLB, University of Hull
  • Joined: Mar 2016
  • Practice Area: Litigation, Arbitration and Employment
  • Office: London
  • Favourite Book: ‘Anything’, Cormac McCarthy

Stefan Martin's journey

It’s been fascinating in that time to see how lawyers in different jurisdictions approach and solve the same problem in different ways.  There is generally always more than one right answer to any problem, so we listen to each other’s approaches and suggestions. We treat each other with dignity and respect all over the world. 

That’s something that’s rare here: the consistency of our culture and the breadth of our global reach.  Both are exceptional and I don't think any other firm can match the strength that we have on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Our strengths and expertise also mean the work is varied. A typical day can span from advising a client on a technical legal point, negotiating settlement terms with opposing counsel, talking to a journalist about a recent legal development, then presenting a seminar to clients and chatting to them afterwards over a drink.  

Nothing beats spending time with clients to understand their business and earn their trust.  Like any relationship, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. And at this firm, we’re all pulling together for the same outcome – the best result for the client.