Victoria Griggs


  • Degree: Music, University of Cambridge
  • Joined: Aug 2016
  • Practice Area: Tax
  • Office: London
  • Favourite Film: The King’s Speech

Victoria Griggs's journey

The training contract provides an excellent opportunity to experience a breadth of different practice areas, whilst also having long enough in each seat to deepen legal knowledge and understanding.

I’ve had regular opportunities to attend events both inside and outside the firm.  These are great, not just to expand your knowledge of current legal issues, but also to network with other trainees and qualified lawyers. 

As an example, at the start of my current seat, we had an excellent session on drafting statements of case, given by an experienced barrister.  It gave me a very useful insight into how these documents are structured and how best to approach drafting a legal argument.  Although statements of case are usually drafted by counsel, the session equipped me to be able to review similar types of documents more critically.

That kind of opportunity is representative of life more generally at the firm. You get to progress. On a day-to-day basis, the firm's culture encourages you to get to know people and share ideas, as well as developing the confidence to make your own contributions to the work that we do. I currently spend the majority of my time working directly with my supervisor, but I’m actively encouraged to get involved in as many different things as possible with people from across the team. 

My main piece of advice to someone starting their training contract would be not to fear that people will expect you to remember everything you have learned so far.  Everyone understands that this is likely all new to you, so they’ll give you the space and support you need to develop your knowledge and skills.