Zachary Tan


  • Degree: Law, University of Bristol
  • Joined: Aug 2016
  • Practice Area: Corporate
  • Office: London
  • Favourite Destination: New York

Zachary Tan's journey

Working with clients and helping them achieve their business goals is a rewarding experience. The training contract is a great opportunity to work with different clients and to develop a good understanding of particular industries. So far, I have worked primarily with clients from the aviation, automotive, energy and banking sectors.

Interestingly, there is an aviation theme to my training contract. Having previously worked in air traffic control operations in the Air Force, I have developed a keen interest in aerodrome operations and the aviation industry more generally. By chance, I find myself working regularly with aviation clients.

I assisted in two major aviation disputes during my litigation seat. One was among the biggest and highest value cartel damages claim brought in Europe; the other related to unpaid charges owed by an airline to an aerodrome service provider. In my banking seat, I did asset finance work relating to aircraft and ships. Having an understanding of the aviation industry and its lingo was handy, as I was able to better navigate various aspects of the cases and transactions that I was involved in. 

Hogan Lovells provides ample opportunity for career and personal development. For instance, I’m currently on secondment to our Hong Kong office for my third seat and my experience so far has been fantastic. The quality of work is exceptional and trainees are given a high level of responsibility. The advocacy opportunities and exposure to another legal system have certainly improved my overall skill set as an aspiring litigator. Living in a different country has also given me first-hand insight into how people in other jurisdictions work – this is helpful as a number of our clients are based globally and it is important to be aware of the local culture and customs.

Overall, I would say that the firm invests heavily in its people and I am glad to have started my legal career at Hogan Lovells.