Emily Gidda


  • Degree: French and Spanish, New College, University of Oxford
  • Joined: Feb 2018
  • Practice Area: International Arbitration
  • Office: London
  • Favourite destination: The Amalfi Coast

Emily Gidda's journey

Emily Gidda’s journey

What sets Hogan Lovells apart for me is its dynamic approach.  Not only do we work on cutting-edge, complex legal issues, but we also have a wide range of employee clubs and networks; challenging pro bono opportunities; extensive international reach; and a firmly established culture.

Indeed, the ability to work across borders with international colleagues and clients has enabled me to see the firm as a whole, learning how each office plays a part in contributing to the firm's culture and overall work product. 

My first experience of Hogan Lovells was back in 2015, when I got a place on the winter vacation scheme. The best thing about it was meeting and networking with lawyers currently at the firm, as well as getting to know my fellow vac-schemers. A lot of us then went on to do the GDL and LPC together and are now close friends. Vacation schemes and insight days are fantastic opportunities to really see what the firm is about from the inside. You get to talk to lawyers from all departments, experience the culture for yourself, and see first-hand the type of work that Hogan Lovells does.

As a trainee, you quickly learn that each client is different – they have different objectives and nuances to the way they like to conduct their business – and an effective lawyer is one that can quickly adapt to these different requirements. As such, no two days are ever the same when working at a City law firm. The work, hours, tasks and experiences are constantly changing, which is why it's such a stimulating job.  

Learning how to juggle different requests for various people, prioritise deadlines, and assert views or opinions in what may appear to be an intimidating environment, has all helped me grow and develop as both a lawyer and as an individual - entering into the professional phase of your life naturally engenders change.