Francis Booth

Senior Associate

  • Degree: French and German; University of Cambridge
  • Joined: Feb 2007
  • Practice Area: Acquisition Finance
  • Office: London
  • Favourite Film: The Last Emperor

Francis Booth's journey

The level of international collaboration you’ll experience as a lawyer at Hogan Lovells is a key element of what sets us apart as a firm. Closing a transaction you've worked on with Hogan Lovells offices all over the world is a very satisfying feeling, and it's fun to develop a rapport over the years with colleagues in other jurisdictions.

I've been lucky enough to go on secondment to our Singapore and Sydney offices. Working in different markets forces you to think on your feet given you can't just defer to familiar norms, and being exposed to different cultures is just great life experience. Another perk of working internationally is that it allows me to dust off my German from time to time…

As a senior associate, when I’m working with junior lawyers, I try to remember what it was like to be in their position. I try to give them context to their work, and encourage them to understand aspects of a transaction above and beyond their prescribed role.

Looking back, when I first joined Hogan Lovells, I was really impressed by the senior lawyers I worked with and wondered if I'd ever be good enough to do their job. I've grown in confidence and self-belief each day I've been here. My advice for someone about to embark on their training contract would be to remember that whilst you're bright and diligent (otherwise you wouldn't have got here in the first place), so is everyone else. Don't worry if you no longer feel top of the class, and be prepared to make the occasional mistake.