Rachel Lindberg


  • Degree: LLB; University of Hull
  • Joined: Feb 2018
  • Practice Area: Real Estate Disputes
  • Office: London
  • Favourite destination: Anywhere in Italy

Rachel Lindberg's journey

For me, taking part in a vacation scheme was an opportunity to see the firm in practice – it helped me feel confident that Hogan Lovells was the right fit for me. It also gave me exposure to interesting areas of work  and it was refreshing to work alongside people that would always take the time to explain tricky areas of law to me. 

Since joining Hogan Lovells, I feel I’ve certainly matured and that my confidence has grown. I apply a more logical approach to my thinking, even in my everyday life. In part, I believe this is down to how much Hogan Lovells encourages development in you, the whole way through your career. 

I now have the confidence to take on a problem - even one that I may not have come across before - and work on it independently (at least in the first instance) in order to try and come up with the solution.

It helps that the people here are without a doubt, some of the most intelligent people I’ve ever come across. Even in just a few months, I’ve learned so much from my supervisor already. Her breadth of legal and commercial knowledge and the logical approach she takes when discussing queries with both clients and other members of the real estate team has been inspiring. 


The genuine culture of the firm really makes a difference to my day-to-day life. Here, I’m encouraged to be