Adeela Khan


  • Degree: English Literature, University of Oxford
  • Joined: Aug 2016
  • Practice Area: Infrastructure, Energy, Resources and Projects
  • Office: London
  • Favourite book: ‘The Colour Purple’, Alice Walker

Adeela Khan's journey

London is buzzing. It's a city teeming with culture, activity, and diversity, and this vibrancy creates a necessarily fast-paced environment – people walk fast, think fast, and talk fast, and though this can be hectic at first, you quickly grow accustomed to the nature of the city. 

Working in London means working on the cutting-edge of what's happening in the business: it's where global clients often choose to congregate to operate their companies, which means the lawyers of Hogan Lovells work right alongside them. 

At that kind of pace, one of the things that most trainees and junior lawyers quickly realise is just how much more there is to know about absolutely everything - whether it’s legal knowledge, industry insight, or even people management. This is a really useful thing to stop and remember: not knowing something is to be expected, and it always encourages me to ask a lot more questions.

While it might be initially scary to admit that you’re not quite sure about how something works, it’s always proven the best strategy for me. It helps you get on with the task at hand and allows you to learn from the knowledge of the experienced professionals around you. 

I was lucky enough to have great supervisors during my training contract. They  challenged me to deliver high standards, while creating a supportive learning environment and taking the time to provide regular feedback. Watching your supervisors handle their work can be a very productive learning situation: you learn styles of working, thinking and interacting with clients that have been refined over years of experience.

Working closely with these experienced lawyers inevitably means they have a huge impact on your career, so it’s lucky that the lawyers at Hogan Lovells are experienced professionals with a genuine interest in helping trainees develop.