Ala Peter-Daley


  • Degree: Economics and Law, University of Leicester
  • Joined: Feb 2019
  • Practice Area: Financial Services Litigation
  • Office: London
  • Favourite TV show: Game of Thrones (except the final season)

Ala Peter-Daley's journey

Thanks to the LPC, my legal understanding grew massively. It is a lot of work, but it gives you a huge amount of knowledge that helps you hit the ground running. And although the exams weren’t exactly fun, I did enjoy meeting so many different people going to other firms.

I worked in banking before, so the biggest learning curve for me has been how a law firm operates. In my current seat, I’m also discovering what concerns businesses more generally – regulatory issues for instance, and commercial and litigation risks. 

We’ve had a lot of training and so far, given my current seat, I’ve found the advocacy training the most useful. I had to look at a case critically, decide the client's strongest and weakest points, and then weave my analysis into a cohesive, persuasive oral argument. The case analysis is what we do in litigation and the oral argument helped me better understand the barrister’s role and how we in litigation feed into that. 

At the moment I’m helping prepare the defence for a case, so I spend the best part of my day reviewing documents that have been disclosed by the other side in relation to the claim, and working with the team to determine whether any of the points being argued can be supported by evidence. I’m also working on two pro-bono matters. The broader team works mostly with banks and financial services companies; while my pro-bono clients are a victim of sex trafficking and a social enterprise that tells the stories of marginalised individuals. 

I’m still in my first seat so there are many areas to explore. Our seat planning process definitely supports that. There are also a lot of opportunities to meet people and learn more about different practice areas, which has made seat choices hard but also really exciting.