Harry Balfour-Lynn


  • Degree: History, UCL
  • Joined: Aug 2018
  • Practice Area: Investigations, White Collar Crime and Fraud
  • Office: London
  • Favourite destination: Mexico City

Harry Balfour-Lynn's journey

In my first seat, Project Finance, I saw the more transactional side of the firm's work. Now, in the Investigations, White Collar Crime and Fraud practice, I'm more focused on questions of law. I've learnt a lot about anti-bribery and corruption law, both the letter of the law and how it's applied in practice. I work on a mix of large-scale litigation and day-to-day advisory work, getting involved in everything from case management and analysis to legal research and producing initial drafts of advisory notes. One partner in particular has given me a lot more responsibility than I would have expected and put me on a number of really interesting matters. This seat has allowed me to work with lawyers from across the firm's offices. Recently I've spent a lot of time with our public procurement and government contracts teams internationally, looking at how historic corruption allegations affect a company's ability to bid for public contracts around the world. I’ve learnt a lot about the sorts of obstacles that can crop up when different legal systems interact, and how a diverse international team can work to overcome those obstacles. Beyond the high calibre of the firm's lawyers, what sets Hogan Lovells apart for me is its incredible range of pro-bono work. Running my own pro-bono cases has been great. I represent clients with disabilities, appealing social security decisions at the First-tier Tribunal. I lead conferences with clients, draft tribunal submissions and give oral submissions at the hearings. I'm also currently representing a victim of violent crime in an appeal for statutory compensation from the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority. Leading on everything from client care to case strategy has allowed me to experience aspects of a career as a lawyer that I would’ve been otherwise unlikely to come across for some time.