Suraj Sangani


  • Degree: History, University of Warwick
  • Joined: Aug 2018
  • Practice Area: Real Estate
  • Office: London
  • Favourite book: Brave New World, Aldous Huxley

Suraj Sangani's journey

No-one expects a trainee to join with a deep understanding of legal statutes or regulations. What they do expect is that you can research and understand highly specific, complex areas of law and then simplify them for clients or more senior members of the team. As a result, my ability to decipher and clarify complexity has improved immensely. 

My first seat in insurance litigation gave me exposure to multiple industries – everyone needs insurance! I discovered that the way risks and bargaining powers differ in each industry is fundamental to how any insurance policy is written. I’ve also learnt about business in general – that different clients and sectors have different risk appetites. As lawyers, understanding this variation is crucial to how we approach our work. 

In Real Estate I’ve been given a lot of responsibility, taking control of my own matters. Often this involves drafting and negotiating a licence or the subsidiary documents of a larger transaction. Our clients are usually large property funds, and these funds often diversify their investment in property. I’ve worked on deals involving everything from hotels to garden centres, and each form of real estate poses its own challenges. 

Good time-management is vital, and my organisational skills have improved vastly. In Real Estate you may be working on several matters at once. That means dealing with different clients with different agendas, and in turn different supervisors or partners. You have to be clear about the work you’re doing and how it’s progressing. 

Looking ahead, I’d like my career to be heavily influenced by sustainable development and ethical business initiatives. Hogan Lovells is incredible at supporting social enterprises and it’s a rare week when we’re not raising awareness for an international charity or an effort to improve our local community. I’m certain that this firm will allow me to fulfil my aspirations.