Lookman Rawat

Senior Associate

  • Degree: Law, University of North London
  • Joined: Nov 1999
  • Practice Area: Litigation, Arbitration and Employment
  • Office: London
  • Favourite book: The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien

Lookman Rawat's journey

I joined Hogan Lovells fresh out of law school back in 1999, as a paralegal.  We live in an entirely different world now, but even so, I feel that Hogan Lovells has equipped me with the skills and experiences to meet with any challenge in a measured and confident manner.

The world around us is constantly evolving and I feel that, as lawyers, we need to adapt to change in much the same way as everyone else.  We have a fantastic team at Hogan Lovells, including support staff, who help to ensure that we never stand still.

Our clients are often faced with global challenges and working collaboratively with colleagues from our international offices has enabled me to get to grips with commercial and legal considerations across borders.  Coming up with solutions which are appropriate across the board is both thought-provoking and extremely satisfying. 

In doing that, I work side by side with a team who have a wealth of experience on matters that push boundaries, both in terms of establishing legal precedent and from a personal development perspective. It’s a good way of developing skills and building self confidence. I’ve been very fortunate to work with some very well respected partners in the Products Law team.  They’ve been a source of inspiration for me and provided constant support and encouragement.

Calmness under pressure is probably the most useful attribute I’ve learnt, whether that’s in a work or a personal context.  Trying to look at any challenge in a measured way ensures that you have the best possible chance of successfully negotiating your way through life's up and downs – as well as helping you become a trusted advisor to your clients.