Jon Chertkow


  • Degree: Law, Pembroke College, Oxford
  • Joined: Feb 2002
  • Practice Area: Financial Services (Retail Banking and Payments)
  • Office: London
  • Favourite Destination: Scuba diving in the Maldives

Jon Chertkow's journey

Your mastery of law is a gradual thing that evolves over time.  You get the basics before you join and pick up more specialist knowledge as you progress throughout your training contract. The law is constantly evolving and your knowledge of it has to as well. I certainly wouldn’t claim to have mastered it. It's about understanding what the issues might be and knowing when to do further research.

 One of the great things about Hogan Lovells is that we really focus on specific industries. I’ve been working in the retail banking and consumer finance industry for my whole career. Specialising in that way means I not only know the relevant people but understand the businesses, the pressures they’re under, and the direction the industry is taking.  All of this helps me give better legal advice to my clients. 

I work in an advisory practice so I've been working with many of the same clients for more than fifteen years. Over that time you get to know each other well and they become friends and not just clients.

Everyone gets on as a team here and wants to help each other succeed. Throughout my career if I've ever been stuck or unsure of what to do, there’s always been somebody I can turn to for help or guidance, both on technical legal issues and softer office matters.

To give you an example, I was always a very quiet student with reports that said, ‘should talk more in class’.  Going from that place to being confident presenting to hundreds of people at conferences still surprises me – but it all comes from the experience I’ve had so far at Hogan Lovells and the support I’ve had along the way.