Experience the new dynamic

Experience the new dynamic


If you’re looking at a lot of career websites, you may feel that many look and sound the same. So in preparing our site, we asked our people to tell us what they thought made us stand out. Their answer? Our dynamic.

There’s a sense of trust that runs through the firm. A desire to share knowledge and work collaboratively. An emphasis on building deep relationships with clients and with each other. We are an international law firm that feels, to the people who work here, more like a community – one, most importantly, where you can always be yourself. Throughout this site, we’ll try to show you how.

What makes us different

What makes us different?

The strength of our global network. The breadth of our practice areas. The level of trust our clients have in us and we have in each other. The fact we're not fans of identikit careers here, but understand the value of individuality. It's all of these things – and more besides.


There are many ways to experience our firm. Whether you join us on an insight event, vacation scheme or training contract, or as a campus ambassador, you'll get an insider's view of life as a city lawyer.

Your journey

Career path

Our two-year training contract is rich, bespoke and supportive. It will be a springboard for your career. Open to law and non-law graduates alike, it's packed with work that broadens your outlook and experiences that boost your confidence and credibility. Start exploring now.

What makes us different

What makes a Hogan Lovells lawyer?

A quick intellect, an open mind and a keen interest in people. Adaptability and an international outlook. Loads of integrity and plenty of drive. Plus a genuine commitment to changing things for the better. Does that sound like you?

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Helen Poulson


  • Degree: Biochemistry, Imperial College London
  • Joined: Feb 2016
  • Practice Area: International Arbitration
  • Office: London
  • Favourite film: 8 femmes
Helen Poulson

For me, what sets Hogan Lovells apart is the people. When the pressure’s on there’s a real sense of the team pulling together. My intake is a diverse group of people, around half are from a non-law background. Everyone takes pride in their work, but without losing their sense of fun. There is a real commitment to pro-bono and citizenship work, which is evident across the entire firm. 

I’ve had a varied seat plan through which I’ve experienced first-hand how different practice areas have different ways of working. International Arbitration was very collaborative day-to-day,  it was common for lawyers working on the same matter to pop in and out of each other's offices to discuss strategic legal and/or procedural points. In Pensions, lawyers would work on a more individual basis. However, the department frequently came together as a whole to discuss recent developments in the field.

Before I joined Hogan Lovells, the law was more of an academic concept to me. Now I see it as a toolkit that we use to fix our clients’ problems and to facilitate their businesses. This is particularly true given that I’ve spent the last six months on secondment to BNP Paribas working in its equity derivatives in-house legal team.

Going on secondment has brought home to me that a good lawyer, as far as possible, immerses themself in their  client’s business. Each business has its own operations, goals and challenges, and it’s our job as lawyers to understand them and to pre-empt legal roadblocks and opportunities coming down the line accordingly. There's no point giving advice if that advice is incompatible on a practical level with the way the business operates. I would recommend a client secondment to anyone given the opportunity. In my opinion, it’s one of the best ways within the training contract framework to challenge yourself and to broaden your horizons.

I learned quite a bit about business on my induction. All trainees take part in the Hogan Lovells BaSE programme, which teaches you about business basics and what’s behind client decision-making. We were split into small teams and each team was given a client to advise over six months. I gained invaluable experience of managing the client relationship and the overall matter. 

All of my supervisors have been supportive. It's inevitable that the experienced people you work with are going to have a big impact on your career which is why (in my opinion) Hogan Lovells is the best place to train!


Bold. Purposeful. Constantly thinking ahead. That's how we'd describe ourselves. But then we would say that. If you want a better feel for who we are, you need to meet some of our people face to face. See which universities we'll be visiting and find out for yourself.

What makes us different